Titanic Song


We are learning this song for our class assembly. It tells the story of The Titanic which sunk in 1912. We hope you enjoy listening to it!
Year 2 b 🙂

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September 28th was National Poetry Day and the theme this year was Freedom! We wrote some poems to describe the ways in which we feel freedom can be represented. We hope you enjoy reading them! 🙂

Freedom Poems on PhotoPeach

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What would keep Columbus dry?

We have been learning about Christopher Columbus’ journey. Some of his crew were getting fed up and wanted to throw him overboard! We did an experiment to see what material would be best to keep Columbus dry if he ended up in the ocean! We tested cling film, tin foil, tissue paper, kitchen roll and a plastic bag. Which one do you think was the most waterproof?!
Mrs N 🙂

Materials on PhotoPeach

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Climbing Sprite!

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Scratch in Space!

Blast off! Hi Year 2,

Hover over ‘Blast off!’ above to visit our Scratch project.

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Christopher Columbus


We have been learning a new song in class based on our topic, explorers. It is a song about Christopher Columbus and we have really enjoyed singing it! Listen and join in at home! I hope you enjoy it!

Mrs Norman:)

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The Wondrous World of You!

Hello Year 2b!

Here is the link to the book we have been reading this week! We have been reading all about Sam’s adventures but you can put your own name in and see what kind of an adventure you could have!

Happy reading everyone!

Mrs Norman 🙂


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